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New Statues – Summer 2010

We extended our product portfolio in Summer 2010 and we would like to give you an insight view.

12 Olympic Gods made out of solid cast marble material with a base (43 cm width). Each statue can be placed in a different position (16 cm height). And a beautiful wall hanging plate with the twelve Olympic Gods and Godesses (47,5 cm Durchmesser).
Zeus (Jupiter), Poseidon (Neptun), Hera (Juno), Demeter (Ceres), Apollon, Artemis (Diana), Ares (Mars), Aphrodite (Venus), Hermes (Mercury), Hephaistus (Vulcan), Dionysos (Bacchus), Athena (Minerva)

Olympische Götter12 Olympische Götter
Victory from Paionios (27cm) and Hermes (35 cm)

Skulptur Nike PaioniosHermes
55cm Hermes and 65 cm high the Adonis

Justitia (Themis) 43 cm and Alexander the Great (17 cm)
Skulptur, Alexander der Grosse
Apollon with “Lyra” (23 cm) and David in (24, 40 und 58 cm height)

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New products in Fall/Winter

White alabaster Angel sculptures
In order to see the new products on our shop pleas click here: Angel Figures

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Statue Customer Photos Gallery

We created a new page showing customers who bought our products. We appreciate all customer photo submission, if you encounter any problems while uploading, just send us your photos and we will do it for you.

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New Picasa webpage

This is our first Google Picasa Homepage with pictures of our products. We plan to extend our product portfolio and will be announcing here new products.

Greek statues pictures

Greek statues pictures

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Welcome on our Blog for user and customer which prefer communicating with us in english language!

We are a small, traditional company focused on worldwide delivery of all kind of ancient greek and roman art reproductions like statues, figures and sculptures of gods, godesses and all kind of ancient mythology heroes.

This Blog is about everyone who has questions about our online shop or our products, or would like to post articles or links about ancient greek or roman history.

Here are some exapmples of our products:
Greek statue: Venus of Milos better known as Aphrodite of Milos
Greek statue:  Winged Victory of Samothrace, also called the Nike of Samothrace

Greek statue: Discobolus of Myron

Greek statue: Discobolus of Myron